Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday: Ying and Yang

Hi everyone, Alan here for another Saturday post here on HCI. Did you all miss me? I do! Today no concept, but that doesn't mean I can do some reviews, here are two alternates that I will review them, one from the WHL, the other from the NHL, one that is good, and the other that is ugly. Let's get to it!

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jersey
 During the team's 40th Anniversary season they had that to me could have been one of the best alternate jersey the team ever wore, until after the 2011-12 season the higher ups decide to ditch it, and bring in a new alternate. So let me get this straight, we went from a good alternate, to this horrible alternate. When I saw the first image that is yellow, I thought it's going to be all yellow jersey, then the logo, at that time I thought it's going to be a good alternate jersey just like the team last alternate. But comes some more images until the leak and believe me this was a disaster of a jersey. First of all the idea of cape style could of work but with both numbers, and nameplate fonts ruins it for me. Arm stripes are terrible, nuff said. I see some white on the jersey, but I don't feel it live up what it suppose to. The collar is O.K. but could of done better. Lastly the captain, and alternate captain with two swords could be the only thing that is cool, but on this it's bad.
So overall I hope the Sabres put this jersey out of it misery.
   My Recommendation: Buy it at a thrift store!

Calgary Hitmen Alternate Jersey
 This jersey is base on the team's first ever set! I got to say despite there is pink on this jersey, but the pink color is well tame, it's like they added to give it an eye popper effect, and it work pretty good. The arms is good, nice use of the flame detail on it. The hem is plain but simply put together. The colors beside the pink the grey, and black work together very well. I like how they use the team's first logo as a shoulder patch, followed by the team's anniversary patch. The only two things I got with it's the TV numbers being black intend of white, and second the fonts now I know it's good and all, but I felt like they didn't need it. If they change the fonts to a standard block that is white with pink trim around it on both the back, and on the sleeves, make the flame stripe in the arms go a little higher.
Overall best alternate jersey the team got, and who knows maybe we can see these as the team's main dark jersey set intend of the team's current dark jersey.
My Recommendation: Buy it at full price, it's well worth it!

Well that's my reviews on two alternate jerseys, I know I'm little late in posting this, but well worth it. Until then later.

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