Friday, May 30, 2014

. . . Thank You and Good Night, Elvis Has Left the Building!

It is with regret that we must for the moment leave you from the Blogger-sphere. Thank you for allowing me onto your screens over the past six months. It has been wonderful to have your support of HCI during that span and beyond. We all have appreciated it very much and hope you keep submitting to the blog's e-mail, which will be accepting submissions for our new Instagram page. My blog BNG can fill your reading pleasure, but also you can find other blogs at my site as well. Please make your final purchases and proceed to the checkout counters.

Remember, this is not goodbye for us here at HCI but rather the start of the next chapter. We still have our new Instagram account and who knows - we may be posting here again regularly. But only time will tell. "Stay calm, be brave, wait for the signs."

With Highest Regards,

-Richard F. (Ricky) Mazella II
Proud Founder and Owner of Buffalo Nickel Graphics

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