Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday: The Lighthouse is Working

Second round ahoy, HCI readers! One game is in the books and what a doozie it was. The Canadiens won it in two overtimes and took the first lead of the series. My Ducks go at it tomorrow, while the remaining two series start tonight. Until then, let's view a concept.

New York Islanders
Submission by: DDragon60 Studios (Phil Beck)

Phil has brought us a home and road of the first ever Islanders alternate (which was orange) and my gosh does it look gorgeous. If the alternate were brought back, c'est magnefique! The rest of the equipment and uniform look very solid to boot. I really appreciate that the Stadium Series logo is no more then a shoulder patch logo here.

While I'd love to stay and chat, it imply cannot be. Until next time, I bid you good hockey!


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