Saturday, May 31, 2014

So long from me.

Hello Everyone, Alan here for my "Last Saturday Post!" Here on HCI. Now I'm never one of those people that post a long story on goodbyes, but I'm giving a shot. It's been a great ride for me from November 8, 2013 that began my time with this blogger page. I had some ups, downs, lefts, rights, ins, and outs. In the end I put every critiquing I put on this site. Now it's no more, now HCI is on Instagram! Even thou I'm not part of it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't stop support them they got good guys doing their posts twice a day.
As I continue on with this I would like to give my thanks to two guys that were the reason why HCI came to light.

To Caden for giving me a kick in the butt to do a better job of posting my critiquing, and made me realize that there is more to it then just critiquing, I thank you for having me be part of HCI, and good luck on HCI Instagram.

Jake, you are bread, and butter of HCI, you work your butt off to keep this page going as much as Caden does, you have my respect for what you do, and hope you have a better ride over on Instagram.

As for the rest, I thank Ricky, Joey, and Justin for being a part of this great site, and put their dedication.

Well it's been a ride. Hopefully everyone has had a good time reading this site, as for me well I'll still be around just on my site for now. I thank you all and goodbye



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