Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday: Land of the Other Rising Sun

No concepts, not a problem. Happy to write you again this fine Friday. I pulled something out of the BNG archives a midst my Ducks beating the Kings last night. As we go forward, I am glad to give the concept a polishing off from about seventeen months or so ago. This was before I knew about the goings of how this arena thing would work in Skopje.

So the big thing is that the logo is actually discolored and I had a difficult time brightening it. As for the arena, the exterior was only to cover the already existing ice which is adjacent to the actual arena. Not only that but they did have an open air dome put over it. Fine. As for the actual jerseys, I adjusted to the area of competition and used the KHL inspired template.

What's wrong with this picture? This is old, not yours, and a review of my own work. Please, I beg you to send in your work! Now I know that we've slowed down here a bit, but for me it's the joy of someone finding my work on a site is ecstatic. I would hope you feel the same. Until (probably) the next round of the playoffs, happy hockey and wish your mothers a hearty Happy Mom's Day.


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  1. Nice, greetings from Macedonia


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