Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday: From Purple Eagles to Foxes and Back

The official announcement came and went fairly quickly and without much if any detail several months back. The HCIHL's Skopje Foxes have split into two teams with one facet staying in Macedonia in the upstart Balkan Hockey League and the other moving to Buffalo who will represent the franchise in the HCIHL. The official announcement of their home venue(s) were selected as the regular home will be at Niagara University's Dwyer Arena and having select games held at the yet to be completed HarborCenter in the downtown area, the new hockey home of Canisius College (who previously played at Buffalo State College's arena.

The Ice

The boards

End to End (TV broadcast)

This is what is expected in the coming months . . . The new uniforms have been well prepared, and had been officially released on the team's page on the league website. While many of you may have noticed that I have decided the team not use the primary logo on the uniforms, I wanted to use logos that actually look like they belong on a uniform. But I am excited to see the next season of the league with all the other changes about it. Landrov Air will also be the official league airline, servicing all team destinations (notice their main sponsorship section along the boards). That will have to be it from me for now, but it's time to #PaintItOrange so I leave you with one final word for the weekend: quack!


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