Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday: Six Months Gone By

Those aforementioned changes in previous posts by various HCI writers are indeed coming. While we can't give the green light yet, I would like to reflect on the last half a year of blogging for HCI (which began six months ago this coming Thursday as well as today being the blog's 250th post. I also failed to mention that last week was my first full year of writing for any blog as I had started writing for HJC the day after (Saturday the 17th, but last year). Even though I had left HJC on November 22nd, Caden and the staff welcomed me with open arms and I started the following week here. I even got to celebrate my birthday by writing a post (rather than reading one). Twenty-seven posts (and weeks) later, I'm still here to promote the good will of the blog. While I don't know how long this format will keep up, it is likely you will hear from someone soon.

Philadelphia Flyers

Submitted by: Bradley DeBode

Let's in the mean-time discuss how ingenious this concept from Bradley is! Not the best one ever necessarily, but certainly creative and authentic. Another black uniform is certainly doable but I would like to see the alternate roundel in place of the Flyers logo. Because this is an alternate, I would like to see orange numbers with white rather than the current white with orange. If we're going to go with the nameplate, go orange there while keeping the black font. Finally either switch the striping color layout or the number color layout to match the other along the sleeves. Personally I'd prefer changing the numbers to match the striping. Still not a bad idea here though.

Happy 250th post!

I'm really looking forward to the future of HCI, I hope you do to. You all have been waiting a fairly long time for it, and while I can't be sure of when it will be, I can tell you it will be drastic. In the mean time, considering the post count in recent weeks, BNG is picking up. Head on over to fill your need - just keep checking in here considering the changes to come.


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