Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday: Alan's Round 2 Playoff picks, plus Round 1 review

Hi everyone, Alan here on HCI. I got no concept this week, but I do have my NHL playoff picks round 2, now I know the 2nd round already started, but why not? Enjoy my Round 2 picks. But first I got my round 1 review. Let's get to it.

Eastern Conference
Boston [A1] vs. Detroit [WC2]
 My Pick: Bruins over the Wings 4-1
The Result: Bruins over the Wings 4-1
"Called it!" I knew that the Bruins have their way and keep their "A" game up, and keep the Wings from pulling an upset in this series. 

Tampa Bay [A2] vs. Montreal [A3]
My Pick: Habs over the Lightning 4-3
The Result: Habs sweeps the Lightning 4-0
I thought this was going all the way, but the way the first 3 games played this one was going to be a sweeper, until game 4 and Tampa gave it all they had, but in the end the Habs seal the deal, and moving on to the 2nd round.

Pittsburgh [M1] vs. Columbus [WC1]
My Pick: Pens over CBJ 4-3
The Result: Pens over CBJ 4-2
I'm hoping for this series would go all the way to 7, but the Blue Jackets just ran out of gas in game 6, but at least they put on a good series. For now the Pens are going to the 2nd round.

NY Rangers [M2] vs Philadelphia [M3]
My Pick: NYR over the Flyers 4-2
The Result: NYR over the Flyers 4-3
I thought the Rangers got game 6 in the bag, but the Flyers seem to put all of whats left in their tank in game 6. In the end they ran out of gas, and time to beat the Rangers. New York is going to Round 2.

Western Conference
Colorado [C1] vs. Minnesota [WC1]
My Pick: Aves over the Wild 4-1
The Result: Wild beat Aves 4-3
It was bad enough that the Wild drag on all the way to game 7, but also beating the Aves in overtime to go on to the 2nd round. Thanks a lot Wild.

St.Louis  [C2] vs. Chicago [C3]
My Pick: Hawks over the Blues 4-2
The Result: Hawks over the Blues 4-2
Right on the money! Just like last year the Hawks gave the Blues a butt whooping after being down 2 games to none. Round 2 look out the Hawks are back!

Anaheim [P1] vs. Dallas [WC2]
My Pick: Ducks over Stars 4-0
The Result: Ducks over Stars 4-2
I called for a sweeper, but the Stars somehow seem to give the Ducks a hard time in ending their season. In the end the Ducks are going to Round 2.

San Jose [P2] vs. LA [P3]
My Pick: LA over SJS 4-2
The Result: LA beat SJS 4-3
At first I thought the Sharks was going to bust my playoff bracket, but thank god the Kings came back and beat them.

Well here's my Round 2 picks

Eastern Conference
Boston [A1] vs. Montreal [A3]
Bos: The Bruins took out the Wings in five games as I call for it, the quicker the series the Bruins finish, the more tougher they get.
Mon: The Habs surprised me by sweeping Tampa in 4 games, now they are rested and ready for the Bruins.
Overall: Sadly the Bruins got this series, but Montreal will make them work for it.
My Pick: Bruins over the Habs 4-3

Pittsburgh [M1] vs. NY Rangers [M2]
Pit: The Pens had trouble with their game play, hopefully they fix their problems wisely.
NYR: The Rangers came out of game 7 so it'll be hard for them to be ready for this round.
Overall: If the Pens play their cards right, they got this series.
My Pick: Pens over the Rangers 4-2

Western Conference
 Minnesota [WC1] vs. Chicago [C3]
Min: The Wild slayed the Avalanche dragon, can they do it again with the Hawks?
Chi: Chicago is still standing, but for how long?
Overall: Wild is in the 2nd round, but this one will be a short for them.
My Pick:  Chi beat wild 4-1

Anaheim [P1] vs. LA [P3]
Ana: Hopefully the Ducks learn their lesson in keeping their "A" game up.
LA: Came back from a 3-0 to take the series, and move on to the 2nd round.
Overall: LA may came back from 3-0, but the Ducks got this series in the bag.
My Pick: Ducks over the Kings 4-2

Well that's my NHL playoffs review and picks. Hope you all enjoy round 2 of the NHL playoffs, until then later.

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